be content right here, right now

Here’s a few tools to stay tethered to your truth, day-to-crazy-busy-day.

TEDx Talk – Your Individual Power to Heal

“In ancient Japan, it was said that the samurai’s sword was his soul. As a speaker, author, and transformation navigator, Kitty McKay’s “truth” has been similarly forged during her trial-by-fire life. Her story of tragedy and triumph inspires her calling: helping people plug into core purpose, meaningful connection, and hope.”


– TEDx Talks

remember. Pause. Breath.

You are meant to live on purpose.

breathing in bold

Based upon the true story of McKay’s own journey following her husband’s sudden death, her authentic voice weaves a tale that is part spiritual thriller, part handbook for living with connection and contentment. Walk with this endearing family through bottomless grief and into hopeful acceptance, as this battle for love over fear softens your own barriers. Long after the last page is turned, this rare read will inspire you to start living from your sweet spot. Remember. Pause. Breathe.

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Second Edition of What if I Die Today?

A companion guide for living your life fully, each messy, perfectly-imperfect moment.