Why Me as Your Next Speaker?

I would never have raised my hand and said, “Pick me. Pick me,” for the years of heart-shredding loss I endured. Yet the wisdom I gained from navigating this triumph-through-tragedy life, and the profound healing it offers others, is a comforting consolation prize.

Simple Platform that translates to any business or group

THE FOUNDATIONAL PATH forward for strategy implementation, cultural change initiatives, employee engagement goals, customer experience enhancements is through connecting one another to our shared humanity…

30 year expert

From the decades I spent living and working in Japan (speaking fluent Japanese) to my nationally acclaimed work transforming healthcare cultures, people are thirsty for the life support tools I share. As such, their impact sticks around long after our time together.

With a pioneer’s heart for helping people partner with the deeper part of themselves, and a passion for pushing beyond perceived limits, my 30 year career has spanned the globe and a spectrum of industries: a decade in global trade living overseas, ten years as co-creator of a regional restaurant enterprise, and now with Carson Tahoe Health in Northern Nevada since 2009, serving as Director of Mission Integration.

“Kitty is that rare combination in a speaker – a really great storyteller and a really fabulous person. She is smart, genuine, funny, inspirational and perhaps most important, real. She draws from personal experiences to create her presentations with an ease and comfort that makes for a wonderful and inspiring experience.”

Jim Kocher

selected topics

From Hero to Healer: Advancing the Clinical “Care” Paradigm

Lessons from Japan: for Dissolving Resistance, Achieving Lasting Improvement

Reclaim Your Calling: Surfing the Struggle at the Crossroads of Life and Death

Fierce Connection: The Daring You Need to Engage, Inspire & Retain Staff

When the Fairytale Falls Short: Connecting to Your Happily Ever After

Holy Sh*t: Uncovering Your Best from the Worst

Zen Up: How to Rock Life When it’s Rocking You

What if I Die Today? Living On Purpose (PS: Life is Short)

Custom-Designed Talks: Kitty’s Core Messages Crafted to Serve Your Unique Needs

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“Gettin’ Shitty with Kitty”

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