Growing up as the youngest

of seven kids there were some early hints that destiny was shaping me to become this “soul partner” pioneer (more on that later). But nothing prepared me for being suddenly thrust into an abyss of suffering as part of the plan.

Starting at 38

Wave after wave of heart-shredding loss landed me in an unrecognizable reality that I had to learn to somehow navigate. Diving deep within, I secured a communication pipeline to my soul and it carried my young, fragile, world-weary, exhausted self through the worst of times.

You see our second baby, Angel, died the day she was to be born. Three years later, after the birth of our third child, my 47 year old husband died of a heart attack, collapsing on the ice while playing hockey. This picture was taken right after he died, when Gracie was eighteen months old and Conor was seven.

I had to figure out

How to heal my kid’s broken hearts, while somehow rebuilding my identity, my career, my finances, my trust in life, my relationship to love…Remarkably, I did. Through Grace. Through the fierce love of my clan. Through the unwavering wisdom, guidance and support from my soul pipeline.

Somehow during each of my countless sleepless nights and questioning, raw days, I realized that I needed to pay attention to my step-by-step process for reclaiming contentment, so I could show you how to create your own lifeline, one that sustains, uplifts, heals you.

My earnest offerings

Here is a blend of wisdom earned during my eyes-wide-open suffering, decades spent living and working in Japan (speaking fluent Japanese), the experience of co-creating a regional restaurant chain with my late hubby and my current leadership role in healthcare, serving at the crossroads of life and death.

Healing your aching heart, fulfilling your longing for something more, helping you live with meaning is the reason I give talks, write books, lead workshops and offer private sessions…YOU ARE MEANT TO LIVE ON PURPOSE. It’s your time. Please let me help you.

P.s Dear fellow traveler

I got an equally unexpected happy ending… In 2014 I married my second soul mate, Johnny, and we are blessed with a big, beautiful, messy, blended family. Life is hard. Love is everything.

love you. mean it.