breathe easier, feel more alive

melt away the layers strangling your well-being

hey you. welcome

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. It means you’re ready to breathe easier, feel more alive, melt away the layers strangling your well-being.

Together we’ll establish a communication pipeline to your soul, your mighty self. You’ve always had the will; now there’s a way to partner up and stay connected to your magnitude.

You have everything you need to be content right here, right now. You just need a few tools to stay tethered to your truth, day-to-crazy-busy-day.

Whether you are hoping to transform your business or your self, there’s lots here to choose from in my work: Keynote and TEDx Talks, “Becoming More” television episodes, videos, published books, podcasts, “Gettin’ Shitty with Kitty” workshops, private sessions… You are meant to feel vibrant and live with purpose. So plug in and let your soul sustain you. It’s your time. Please let me help you.



Kitty has an extraordinary story and translates it into core messages that we all need to hear. She gives us the courage to connect with our own human spirit, our own human heart.

Elizabeth Gifford, PHD

Former National Director of VA Voices, Office of Primary Care, Veterans Health Administration

The thing I love about Kitty is that she’s reminding you of what’s important and showing you how to maintain awareness admidst the choas.

Meg Jack, mD

Medical Director, Emergency Department Physician

We weren’t prepared for the life change, motivation and conviction that would come from Kitty. Staff gained new empathy, understanding and love for all people. We work with youth from all backgrounds and she helped build confidence to meet each person right where they are!

Matt Sampson

Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada

Kitty does a really good job of sharing her story and giving you things that can be taken back to your practice that enhance the person-to-person experience.

Andrew Doering, MD

Emergency Room Physican

I think that Kitty makes it relatable to everyday life by reminding us that no matter what your situation is whether good or bad, that the patients we are taking care of every single day are human beings.

Dustin Bass, MHA BSN RN CEN

Director of Emergency Services